Our Story

Our Story

Growing up as a little girl I always wanted long hair. Hair that made me feel pretty. For most of my young adult life I tried to achieve that, and in doing so damaged my hair further. It reached a point where I was completely unhappy with my hair.  I wanted to hide it all the time, and weave became my best friend.

A little over a year ago I grew tired of constantly wearing weave. It was at that very moment I decided weave should be an option and not a necessity.

I was fortunate enough to have 2 daughters. In addition to my own hair struggles; my 8 year old daughter started to express she was not happy with her hair. She would come home and talk about how long other children’s hair are and complain her hair was too short. As a parent this crippled me inside. I never wanted this to be her struggle and I knew the lifelong implications of her not loving her natural hair. I had an epiphany; I realized when it comes to children you must lead by example. At that moment I swore I had to find a way to encourage love of one’s self in all it’s entirety.

Shortly after, I cut my hair really low and decide I was going to put effort into growing my natural hair.  I began doing research on hair treatments and oils that are effective for growing hair ;along with various different regiments for growing one’s hair. With blending and mixing I created something that showed significant results in less than 2 months – hence the creation of Growth Magic. A little while after my daughter began losing hair around the front, sides, and back of her head. Those areas were completely bald. Immediately my mind went to the farthest spectrum… could it be cancer? I brought her to the doctors and they said nothing was wrong with her. I started using Growth Magic in her hair and her hair completely grew back within 6 months.

Growth Magic has inspired me in so many ways. Not only am I living proof that it works but I witnessed the miracle it did with my daughter’s hair. It works! And that is the main reason I am putting this product on the market. I know there are millions of women out there experiencing the same struggles I did and are sick and tired of buying products that do not work. Because of Growth Magic I am loving my natural hair, which by the way has become so much easier to manage. Every now and then you might catch me wearing weave but it’s no longer a necessity you better believe it is an option now.

Growth magic is a family owned business. The product was developed by Michae Williams and the company is owned and operated by Michae and Armani Williams.