How to Use

How to Use

Disclaimer: Growth Magic is not an overnight miracle formula for getting long hair even though it is a highly enhanced formula of natural oils which will help with achieving long, strong, and healthy hair.

Developing a hair regimen that works best for you is an essential part of the natural healthy hair process. This is an individual process. As such, what works best for others may not necessarily be what works best for you. Regimen includes how often you wash and use the product, the process in which you apply and rinse out the product, and how you cater to your hair following the use of the product.

To achieve the full benefits of Growth Magic you still need to do your part in achieving the results are seeking, below are a few recommendations.


  • Wash and treat your hair at the frequency of your choice. I find that the longer I take to wash my hair the better the oils penetrate into the shaft and follicles. To treat hair with Growth Magic follow the instructions on the container. For best results, treat your hair each time you wash it.
  • Remove conditioner out of your hair regimen. Growth Magic hair treatment has conditioning properties so it is not necessary to duplicate the process by using conditioner. I only use one shampoo, specifically Shae Moistures shampoo. You don’t have to use that specific brand but find a shampoo that agrees with your natural hair and stick to it. Consistency with your hair yields better results.
  • Limit the amount of different products you put into your hair. I just use my shampoo, Growth Magic, and castor oil after my wash and treatment. Not to say you can’t use other products but a lot of different products can leave your hair oily and clogged up or at worse negatively react with each other causing your hair to break.
  • Protect your hair. I can’t stress how important it is to keep your hair protected by using protective styles, especially if you are in a country with various different seasons such as winter. Doing so will limit breakage and enable it to grow uninterrupted which is when you will start to see the lengths you desire. I embraced wigs when I went on my natural hair journey in addition to braids.

I hope you find these tips useful. Keep in mind that each individual has different hair textures and that hair growth also has a lot to do with genetics. But if you use Growth Magic as a hair treatment while taking the necessary steps to cater to your hair you can achieve your hair goals and see the results you desire.